1. 3D Vision

    Can’t see 3D is an automated virtual sculptor.

    Once an hour it grabs an URL from the database and uses the images from that page as source material for the sculptural process.

    Each sculpture exists just for a very short moment, and just in a virtual space. Can’t see 3D captures an OpenGL rendering exactly in this moment, and provides a copy of it on this tumblelog.

    This ‘service’ is highly limited to 1 URL per hour. It will start on Monday, October 17th and will be totally disabled after 30 days.


    Can’t see 3D won’t blame your work in any way.

    Can’t see 3D can’t guarantee support for your website structure.

    Can’t see 3D supports animated gifs!

    Can’t see 3D, Kim Asendorf & Jonathan Pirnay

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